Friday, August 14, 2009

New stuff!!!

My shipment of beads from was waiting for me yesterday when I got home from work! I love getting packages. Especially when they contain so many pretty things. I'm going to be busy working on new pieces for my shop this weekend! Actually until next Thursday because I get a random 5-day weekend. YAY ME!!! Anywho, I got some peach pit beads, which are really actual peach pits. I think they look almost exactly like little brains. I'm going to try painting them gray/pink (like an actual brain) and make them into earrings to sell in the shop for Halloween! I might even keep a pair for myself (they'll go well with my planned zombie costume. I have a truly bizarre obsession with them). I also got some great elongated Kambaba Jasper teardrops that I have all sorts or great plans for. If you want to know what else I got, you'll have to check out my store in the next week or so ;)....


  1. Lol, you must make them and post them on your blog when you get those peach pit earrings done! I bet they will be awesome!
    good luck on your new blog! Looking great!

  2. I love the mail when it has stuff like that in it! It makes it worth sorting through all the mailers and bills! Great start for your blog!